Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hexagon Flower

This week I have been busy with piecing hexagons by using paper lining technique that I just learned. I started from cutting many paper templates, wrapping them with fabric and basting. This time I chose pink & purple as main colors. 

Hexagon Flower by Pink Almond Quilt
Layout of my hexagon flowers
Hexagon by Pink Almond Quilt
Paper template wrapped with fabric and basted
I spent hours to choose fabrics and swap the pollens around flowers, it's fun though. For the background, I don't want to use just plain white color, so I selected some off white print fabrics to add a little detail on it. 

Started joining from the orange-pink flower then make it bigger and bigger
Ripped the basting stitches out
No basting thread on & paper in orange-pink flower
It's growing. The paper templates were removed except the outermost ones.
I'm planning to make a bag from this top. Let me sleep on it and see what I come up with.


  1. I've been basting and sewing hexagons this week too. Some I do not know what to do with yet, so I look forward to seeing what you make with yours.

  2. So pretty! I tried this and didn't enjoy it. The technique is called English Paper Piecing, or EPP for short. You can find a lot of free templates and patterns on the Internet if you Google one of those terms