Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Thailand Quilt Festival 2014

First of all, I'd like to apologise for not getting back to everyone visiting my blog hop last couple weeks. It was my rough time. I had to see the doctor more often and decided not to sit in front of computer for a while; however, today I could not resist sharing with you a special event rarely held in Bangkok. It's Thailand Quilt Festival 2014 held by Janome (Thailand) during July 30th - Aug 3rd.

The event consists of 3 zones to explore. The first one is an exhibition floor for showing works from many artists, mostly Asian and some from US. I took all these pictures from mobile phone, and with the limited space, sorry for the composition & quality of images. 

By Chang Bi En, Taiwan artist

By Ha Gyeong and Kim Hye Jeong, Korean artists
By Ms.Masneh binti Dillah, Malaysian artist
Is it the needle punch technique? Please tell me if you know.

Our Queen Sirikit's birthday is coming, Aug 12th, so there are many works made for the Queen. 

"The Beauty of Thailand - For Merciful Queen Sirikit" by Noriko Nozaka
By a group of Thais
"Our Beloved Queen" by Lakkana Jones
By Sasiwimol Sujit, Thai artist
"I love Thailand" by Akemi Shibata
"Smile Avenue" by Noriko Nozawa
by Noriko Nozawa
by Noriko Nozawa

By Yoko Saito
By Yoko Saito 
By Yoko Saito
By Maruya Yoneko

The second zone is the winners & contestants of "Soul Siam" quilt contest showcase.

The 1st place of big quilt contest
It's a picture of 'Tung' or a kind of flag used in ceremony or celebration in Northern Thailand
The 2nd place of big quilt contest, The Royal Barge Supannahong.
I can't remember whether this one gets the 3rd place or honorable mention award
The honorable award of big quilt contest. Loi Krathong festival.
The honorable award of big quilt contest. Farmers are transplanting rice seedlings.

For mini quilt contest, there are only 2 prizes, excellence award and honorable mention award.

The excellence award of mini quilt contest. The traditional Thai game.
The honorable mention award of mini quilt contest.
The legendary picture of the King receiving lotus flowers from old lady. This real scene happened 59 years ago. 

The honorable mention award of mini quilt contest. The roof of temple.
I really like this one. It gets no award though. Thai silk fabrics are used to make the elephant face

"Crazy Siam Pineapples" by Mrs. Susan Davy

The last zone is the heaven for fabric & notion shoppers. I spent most of time in this area :-D. Sorry, no good picture. I have registered for an art quilt workshop on this Fri. Perhaps I could take some more pictures.  

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

2014 New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop

Today is my day on 2014 New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop hosted by Beth @ Plum and June. I'm so excited to be a part of such special event. For those who don't know me yet and who may know some about me, 'welcome' to my blog and please allow let me introduce myself once again. I'm Bee from Bangkok, Thailand. I used to work in IT industry, but now I'm a full time housewife.

Pink Almond Quilt
My husband and I when we was travelling in Northern Thailand

I started sewing 2 years ago since my husband bought me a second hand sewing machine from his colleague. At that time, I had no idea how to use it, so he learned from the colleague, the seller, then he taught me when he came back from work. Is it amazing? I learned how to use the sewing machine from my husband!

Since then, I have been addicted to sewing everything, e.g. purse, bag, device case, scarf etc., until I got to know the art of quilting. Patchworks & quilts became the majority of my works, and luckily I have had a chance to learn quilting from a famous Japanese quilter, Akemi Shibata. She is so inspiring to me, and I feel more than happy every time that I join the class. 

Here're some of my favorite works. They are all hand pieced & quilted. I used the sewing machine only at bindings.

Sea Themed Wall Hanging by Pink Almond Quilt
Sea Themed Wall Hanging
I feel really proud of myself when I finished the sea themed wall hanging especially the blocks that I designed, i.e. the whale, squid, lighthouse, yacht.

Orange Peel & Double Wedding Ring Placemat
This bag is designed by Akemi Shibata.  - Pink Almond Quilt
This bag is designed by my sensei, Akemi Shibata. I only did following the pattern.
Flower is designed by Akemi Shibata. - Pink Almond Quilt
The flower at the center is designed by Akemi Shibata.

Here's a little bit more about me.
Color : Pink & Green
Movie : Up, Totoro, X-men, Inception, Julie and Julia
Book : The Last Lecturer, The Da Vinci Code
Music : Jim Brickman, Richard Clayderman
Food : Rice with Thai style omelette (or "Kai- Chiao" in Thai), Tom Yum, Tuna sushi
Dessert : Chocolate Cake
Dream trip : Maldives, Switzerland, Prague

I also have some tips to share with you, although I have only little experience.

Quilting tip
If you don't have a patchwork board, which is a bit pricey, you can use a super fine grit sandpaper instead. It can prevent the fabric slipping when marking lines around template and doesn't harm the fabric at all. Here is mine. 

Pink Almond Quilt
Pink Almond Quilt
Pink Almond Quilt

I sticked the superfine grit sandpaper on small plywood and made a jacket for it. 

Blogging tip
I always put the best picture at the first place in each post because it will be shown in Bloglovin feed. I hope that the pic can catch people eyes.  

Well, I believe you know me better now. Before you leave, I have a question for you. Do you usually name things around you, e.g. car, etc.? I'm thinking to name my sewing machine now. Let me know what yours is.   

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hexagon Flower

This week I have been busy with piecing hexagons by using paper lining technique that I just learned. I started from cutting many paper templates, wrapping them with fabric and basting. This time I chose pink & purple as main colors. 

Hexagon Flower by Pink Almond Quilt
Layout of my hexagon flowers
Hexagon by Pink Almond Quilt
Paper template wrapped with fabric and basted
I spent hours to choose fabrics and swap the pollens around flowers, it's fun though. For the background, I don't want to use just plain white color, so I selected some off white print fabrics to add a little detail on it. 

Started joining from the orange-pink flower then make it bigger and bigger
Ripped the basting stitches out
No basting thread on & paper in orange-pink flower
It's growing. The paper templates were removed except the outermost ones.
I'm planning to make a bag from this top. Let me sleep on it and see what I come up with.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

9-block tapestry

I was trying to finish all homework before going back to JHIA quilting class again last weekends. It was very busy in the past couple weeks, so I had no chance to update my blog, and now, more assignments after class.

One of those assignments is to make a 9-block tapestry. Here's what I got.  

I'm still thinking how the border should be. I have some in my mind but still hesitated. 

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