Sunday, May 25, 2014

Flying Kite - Wishes Quilt Along with Fat Quarter Shop

I found this Wishes Quilt Along project with Fat Quarter while I was surfing through online fabric store. It looks cute and simple. Maybe it's a good start for me to make a large quilt, so I just simply join them. They release the pattern instructions once a month starting from Jan to Dec 2014. Since it's May now, I have to quickly catch up to them.

Here's the blog#1 Flying Kite. I don't want to think too much about colors, so I follow what suggested.


Now, there are 4 more left.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Framed Crazy Quilt

When I was young, I really liked a green color. Although now I'm grown up and falling in love with pink, I still like it. Here I selected the green as a main color for my first crazy quilt. I have done some embroidery stitches with various colors and added some embellishments.

Before finishing, I used a small calligraphy brush soaked with water to remove the stitch outline.

There still are some spaces, so I added a little bear and a button.

I'd like to put this into a frame, but unfortunately it cannot fit to a standard photo frame commonly available in the market. The dimension of my crazy quilt is 20x20 cm. Now, I have a good reason why a woman should not be single. I asked my husband to do a wooden frame for me, and he said "OK". He seemed to enjoy while making it.

Finally, I can have my first crazy quilt in a white frame embellished with watashi tape. It's so lovely.

Friday, May 16, 2014

The First Wall Hanging

I have never made any quilted wall hanging before, only did some bags and clothes, because I felt like it was not attracted to me. Then I saw my sensei's wall hanging, it blew my mind. All the pattern designed and the colors she chose are just perfect. From that time on, I wish to make a beautiful one in some day.

My first wall hanging is a part of JHIA homework. We have to make a tapestry by using lily pattern as a main block. Others ( border, size, decoration) are free style. With a limited time, I came up with this.

The sensei gave me some comments on my works.

First, I should stitch more on the edge of each lily petal. As you can see here that I did nothing on them, so they are kind of bloated.

Second, the quilt thread color should be the same as background or darker, but mine is a bit lighter. She said that this style was once popular in Japan, but now it's outdated. 

Last, the binding should be smaller and tighter to make the finished quilt more elegant. 

I was glad that the teacher gave me many good advices. I'll make a better one next time. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

My journey has begun

I has started sewing a few years ago and really fell in love with it. Last year I heard good news that a famous Japanese quilter would be here in BKK for a series of JHIA quilting classes, which are for basic, advanced, and instructor one. Without any hesitation, I decided to join these series, and now I have already completed the basic course and been working on homework of the advanced class.

It has been amazing. I really enjoy the quilting classes. All the way that the "sensei" (teacher in japanese) taught students was great. She not only provided the standard lesson following the JHIA curriculum but also a variety of her work & designs. This gave me a lot of inspiration to create more work. 

Finally, here's my certificate of basic course.