Thursday, August 7, 2014

A little more from Thailand Quilt Festival 2014

Last Fri, I joined one of workshops held in the quilt festival. It is called "The Imaginary Stream" led by Lakkana Jones, who is the first generation quilter in Thailand. I found that this workshop was different from others, which generally used common techniques. That was why I registered this one.

@ Pink Almond Quilt - The Imaginary Stream by Lakkana Jones
The Imaginary Stream by Lakkana Jones

The instructor introduced us the art quilting which has been gaining popularity in modern quilt today. Beside of traditional techniques, painting, dyeing, collage and more approaches are used to create the quilt.

@ Pink Almond Quilt - The Imaginary Stream by Lakkana Jones
3D effect

I'm a bit disappointed that the workshop was only 3 hours long. Absolutely, we couldn't finish this work within such little time. Anyway, I got to know the quilt work in new way and encouraged to learn those new techniques.

Below are some more pics that I took from the quilt show. 

By Akane Sakamoto

By Akane Sakamoto

By Yoko Saito

By Yoko Saito

By Shizuko Kuroha


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  1. I might be able to sew one rock in three hours!
    I hope you learned enough to continue your project at home.